Counselling for Social Anxiety


First comes the feelings of chaotic and uncontrollable worry.

Then you find yourself struggling with nervousness, shaking and trouble speaking.

With the build up of anxiety over time you start to find yourself suffering with debilitating phobias.

As a result your anxiety begins to present itself as fear and a feeling of hopelessness.

While all the time your physiology is being affecting as you find yourself holding stress and tension in your body..

If this is you, I can help because I’ve been there myself and now I am free of my social anxieties.  If they present now, they present only as occasional small waves rather than overwhelming tsunamis.


You can book an online appointment with Catherine at Sensera Counselling today. Text or call 07305357566

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Catherine Taylor (Accredited Counsellor)


Anxiety, Stress, Depression and Anger

Have you ever stopped to consider the link between these negative emotions?  Do you realise they are all connected?

When we feel anxious about a situation this increases our stress levels.  The constant battle with stress and anxiety can leave us feeling depressed as we continually feel like we are not leading our life to the standard we would like.  This depression can then lead us to act out with bouts of anger as a response to our frustration.

Working on our social anxiety can therefore have so many positive outcomes, as we begin to heal so we find all our emotions improve.   

As an a accredited qualified counsellor, I can help you to understand the underlying issues for your anxieties, change unhelpful thinking patterns and achieve your goals to free yourself from this debilitating condition.

“He who has a strong enough why can bear almost any how”

Nietzsche (Plilosopher)

Sensera Counselling aims to help you by using our 3 step approach:

Firstly through our sessions we will EXPLORE your problems and challenges.

Secondly, we will work together to empower you to REALISE you can change.

Thirdly, I will assist you to AWAKEN to your potential.

The aim of SensERA Counselling is to:


So that you can begin to live your life with purpose.

Sensera Counselling, to help promote self discovery and improve your well being.

You can text or telephone me on 07305357566

If you prefer you can email me

You can find out more about the different steps in my approach by clicking on each of the links below:

Here is a YouTube video link which will also tell you more about the SensERA Approach to counselling:

In short the Benefits of Online Counselling are as follows:

  • Online counselling can be accessed in the comfort of your own home
  • Being at home saves you time as no travel is required
  • Accessing counselling at home is useful for people experiencing any physical limitations
  • I am able to offer the SensERA Approach to anyone in the UK.

As well as having the ability to offer online appointments. I can also offer In-person appointments. These are held at Lifehouse Therapy which is in Southchurch Road Southend. This centre provides a clean, calm and neutral space for face to face counselling.

To summarise, the benefits of Face to Face Counselling are the following:

  • Being together in the same room allows for a more personal interaction
  • As a result being together allows easier observations of non-verbal communication

My counselling room

Lifehouse Therapy Centre

745b Southchurch Road Southend SS1 2PP

I always receive positive feedback from my clients. Please look at some of my reviews below:

Catherine helped me to look at my life differently and move forward in a positive way
After 8 weeks of counselling I felt that I had achieved the goals I had set at the beginning. Thank you for everything. I feel much happier now.
I would definitely recommend Catherine. She has helped me with my anxiety.
I feel that I was really understood and I was able to explore my problems and rethink how I do things.
Counselling has helped me a lot.
The journalling really helped me make sense of how I was feeling. I actually really enjoyed doing it!

Here are some more detailed specifics about some reasons to seek counsellling.

The Issues Counselling can help you with include the following:

1. Depression

As a counsellor I will listen to you without judgement. I can help you to explore unwanted feelings such as helplessness and worthlessness.

2. Anxiety

We can build on your inner resources. I can assist you to find coping strategies. This can help with nervousness, panic attacks and phobias.

3. Bereavement

Losing a loved can can be difficult. I can support you through the grief process.

4. Stress

I can help you to identify the triggers for your stress. We can explore ways to manage stress.

5. Anger

Counselling at SensERA can help you to explore the causes for your anger. We can then work on how you can improve your responses.

6. Relationships

Relationships can be challenging. I can empower you to recognise your feelings and thoughts. This can help you to make sense of your experiences.

7. Self Esteem

I can guide you on a journey to explore your inner feelings about yourself. My aim is to help you to realise your self worth.

8. Other

Counselling can help you to understand and accept yourself eg sexual identity and eating disorders. If you have a problem and you are unsure if I can help please ask. I am very accepting and approachable.

Here is a quote from the National Counselling Society which explains what counselling is:

Counselling is a type of talking therapy that allows a person to talk about their feelings, needs and problems in a safe, structured, confidential setting. The foundation of effective counselling is providing clients with a professional therapeutic relationship based on non-judgmental respect and offering empathic understanding. Counsellors may employ a number of additional ways of working to further support their clients’ healing and development.

National Counselling Society

I look forward to hearing from you and working with you on your problems and challenges. Please call me on 07305357566 or email me

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