My Story

My personal journey with social anxiety

When I was younger, I was very self-conscious and worried about what others thought of me a lot.  I felt like I was not good enough and I just wanted to be accepted and liked.  I was very underconfident and I would go so far as to say I was actually scared of my own voice.  I felt I had nothing of value to add or contribute to conversations and I felt unliked and unaccepted.

A lot of these feelings stayed with me as I grew older.  When I went out, I often felt uncomfortable in unfamiliar situations.  Crowds of people made me nervous. 

My anxiety eventually grew into a beast.  I felt totally consumed with chaotic and uncontrollable worry.  I found this very physically tiring.  The anxiety was very stressful and also as a result of continually failing to gain the pleasure I wanted from situations, I would get depressed.

I lived with anxiety for years.  In fact, it became like an unwelcome guest in my house and I began to act out my frustrations with anger.  I felt like my anxiety was limiting what I could do with my life; my ability to enjoy life and my ability to be understood by others.  I was very angry about this, although I didn’t really recognise this at the time; but I was emotionally hurting the people around me who cared about me.

I needed help with managing my anxiety, stress, depression and anger.  I needed someone to talk to outside my circle of friends, family and colleagues because I felt like I was burdening people with my problems.  I also felt like my problems were beginning to cloud people’s judgement of me.

Counselling helped me to off load in a safe space and in itself I found that very cathartic.  But counselling also provided me with time to talk and explore the reasons behind my anxiety.  It gave me space to reflect on my experiences and examine how I dealt with different situations and become mindful of my anxiety levels.  It gave me the opportunity to develop new coping techniques and reflect on them in the sessions.  I began to break down my limiting beliefs which I had believed without question.  As I verbalised the belief’s I held about myself and social situations, I began to see my faulty thinking and I worked hard to find new ways of looking at the world.

I broke the pattern of feeling constant anxiety and stress.  I found joy and meaning in life and the depression lifted. Feeling more comfortable in my skin made me have little reason to get angry with others. 

Change is possible and investing in yourself with the gift of counselling will help you to escape the negative feelings of anxiety, stress, depression and anger.

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I don’t yet know where you are on your journey but if you want to raise your level, evolve your self-perception and reduce your anxiety levels, I can help.

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