Counselling will help you to explore issues concerning your well being and perspectives on life.

During our counselling sessions we may work on such issues as self esteem, anger, depression, grief, stress, addiction, resentments. relationships, adjustments to life events or personal dilemmas.

The exploration of such issues may involve considering the here and now impact on your thinking. It may also involve looking at your past to determine how patterns of behaviour and experiences have led you to today. The purpose of looking to the past is to recognise your unique experience. Once we have an understanding of why, we can use this as a starting point to then determine the direction in which we wish to travel. I believe we do not need to be prisoners to our past. We all have the resources we need inside to start a new day with a new outlook. I can help you to engage with these resources so that your life can begin to change.

My theoretical orientation is person-centred. This means the client directs the content of the sessions. I do not give advice and I do not judge you.